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Your Sedona Soul Magic Retreat  
Spiritual Guide 

“Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes.”

~Mingtong Gu

Come join us to kindle a warm, loving, and personalized heart-opening experience that drives your passion and purpose for living!      

lluminating the Path
to Your Heart

June 9-13, 2021

Everything you seek is seeking you. The personal goals you hope to reach, the loving relationships you want in your life, finding peace within, the spiritual growth and support you may be wishing for -- all are waiting for you to open the door to your heart.  

The key to opening this door is less about “making it happen” and more about allowing an abundance of good and guidance to flow through you with ease and grace. This happens when you take some time to get quiet, tune in, envision what you want and feel your heart space opening a little wider with each breath. 

The Illuminating the Path to Your Heart retreat takes place in stunning Sedona - known as one of the most beautiful places on earth - where the energy of openness comes quickly and easily thanks in part to the many vortexes and special energy sites here.

For 5 days and 4 nights, let the power of nature and the wisdom of your heart and soul take precedence and guide you back to your true essence, where love is bigger than any doubt or fear. 

Is this Retreat for You?

When was the last time you really tuned into your heart? We spend so much of our energy focused on taking care of the needs of other people, work, and tasks of life that we lose connection with the divine essence that resides in our hearts.

This is the life force energy that ties together our human self with our souls. It’s the magic that enables us to connect to our angels and guides which heighten our sensitivities to tap into our own power of intuition. 

Do you want to learn how to live day-to-day while being connected to your heart?
~ Is nurturing your heart and connecting to your soul calling you?
~ Do you want to receive intuitive insights and learn how to tune into your higher self?
~ Are you seeking to feel the energy and magic of the sacredness of Sedona?
Are you ready to have a personal, transformative experience in a loving space?

   If you said yes to any of these, this inspired retreat is for you!    

 Sedona:  One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth 

This retreat takes place in Sedona on beautiful land among the red rocks. Awe-inspiring beauty, peace and quiet, pristine hillsides and the soothing sounds of the waters of Oak Creek combine with the pure air and big sky to form the perfect atmosphere for healing, heart-opening, learning, exploring, connection and growth.

     What's Included in
Your Retreat:

Accommodations, Meals, Activities, Spiritual Growth Opportunities & More

~ 5 days and 4 nights air conditioned cottage accommodations in Sedona
~Private bathroom assigned for each room
~ 3 healthy vegetarian/vegan gourmet meals per day, coffee and tea with 1 offsite lunch downtown
~ Opening and closing ceremonies
~ Daily meditation and sound healing
~ Personal Angel card reading
~ Gentle yoga onsite, vortex  yoga hiking offsite
~ Awakening walks: labyr
inths, medicine wheel, angel vortexes
~ Workshops:  Intention setting,  angel energy healing, and more
~ Optional - Certification in IET - Healing with the Energy of the Angels
 ~ Personal time to explore, reflect, relax and contemplate
 ~ Gratuities and fees 

Not Included in Your Retreat:

~ Airfare to and from Phoenix or Flagstaff airports
~ Ground transportation to and from Sedona
~ Trip, travel & health insurance

Your Sedona Soul Magic Retreat includes:

Come join us to rekindle the MAGIC in your HEART
that drives your PASSION and PURPOSE for living.


Karen Cowperthwaite

Intuitive Life Coach, Angel Messenger, Energy Healer & Soul Nurturer -

Hello! I’m Karen Cowperthwaite, founder of Souly Sister Coaching & Energy Work. I'm an Intuitive Life Coach, spiritual teacher and soul nurturer for those seeking support to grow and expand their awareness. Through coaching, mediumship and energy healing services I help you to change from fear to freedom, to discover your soul’s purpose and shine your light into the world. I guide you to reconnect with your heart and tap in your inner wisdom.

My passion is creating connection through workshops, retreats and online programs, and my mantra, “Live Life Soulfully”, has an international reach. I’m also a best-selling author and Expert Instructor for Inspired Living University. My background is in special education as well as having a Masters in Counseling. Then Spirit led me to become a certified Intuitive Life Coach as well as Postive Intelligence Coach & IET Master Instructor. Connect with me in my closed Facebook group: I look forward to spending this time with you and supporting your personal and spiritual growth!


ALL of this and so much MORE is waiting for YOU!

SACRED SITES--right outside your door where you stay   ~   FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION--Go where YOU ARE GUIDED
Walk the Chartres and the 7-Circuit LABYRINTHS   ~   Connect with the ANGELS in the Angel Wheel and Angel Circles
REFLECT on your ancestry in the Medicine/Ancester Wheel   ~   HIKE the trails  ~  PLAY and wade in Oak Creek
Experience VORTEX energy   ~   Balance yourself in the CHAKRA sites   ~   Meditate in the Water Wheel

All of it is available to you, right outside your air conditioned cottage in SEDONA.
Your retreat also includes:  YOGA, one-on-one angel inspired READING,
vortex hike & group HEALING SESSIONS with a TRUSTED professional.

Your retreat soul guides, KAREN walks with you, every step,
guiding your PERSONAL and TRANSFORMATIVE experience.
There is SO MUCH more waiting for YOU!