01 July, 2019

Finding peace through breath

Raising my face to the sun, taking a few deep breaths and seeing my inner self connect with all that is.
This is the practice that brings me the most peace and balances out the voice of ego that tends to say that I’m not doing enough, fast enough. It slows down the processing of the mental to-do list, allows me to get away from staring at a screen, and from doing far too much so I’m left feeling like I’ve lost so many hours in a day. Focusing on my breath has become the practice that I turn to in moments of frustration, impatience and to hit the reset when I’m feeling stressed.

“I am profoundly grateful for my breath, my heartbeat and the gift of life.”

Intentional breathing to bring us into a meditative state is one of the things we practice when you join me for a Sedona Experience. Slowing down our breathing and our thoughts. Focusing inward while being out in nature. Connecting to the Sedona energy flow. Basking in the views of the red rocks and letting it all grab a hold of our hearts.

Honoring practices that make space in our bodies to allow our inner GPS to nudge us in the right direction. They help clear our minds so the ideas flow and the inspiration comes to let us reach beyond the usual day-to-day and go deeper into the place of inner knowing.

Why not take a few minutes now… Finding peace can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths.

Finding peace through breath

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