01 January, 2020

Life is a journey, not a destination

Think of how much (peace) we might miss when we aren’t willing to take a look from another point of view.
In this day and age, that line could have many meanings. This time, it was directly related to my climb.
It came to me on a recent hike when I was standing just below the highest point of the base of Courthouse Butte – before the red rocks are sheer cliff-face soaring straight up into the sky.

In the midst of climbing, I paused for a few moments to see which way I wanted to approach the next sets of shelves. All of a sudden, I felt disappointment come over me dampening my usual sense of adventure. My original goal was to get to the top of the base but once I got close, I realized it wasn’t safe for me to do this solo. I was annoyed and actually stomped my foot as I exhaled, “damn it!”.

I stood there for a moment accepting what I knew to be the best for my safety. Then I turned around and looked down at the shelves below me. My approach to climb up Courthouse Butte had started from the right side of the formation, but now I was standing more left-to-center and saw this peace sign. Someone else had been here before me and left it as an offering overlooking the Route 179 corridor and all the magnificent red rocks.

It certainly was a “sign” – for me to pause, ground and look at my adventure from another perspective. And then the universal message came through: Life is a journey, not a destination.

[Mic drop]

Susan Luddy

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