02 August, 2019

A spiritual start - part 1

(My story, part one of many.)

It’s not unusual for traumatic events to kickstart spiritual awakenings. Near Death Experiences, being involved in an accident, and having a loved one die and shortly thereafter they come to you in spirit, are all fairly common ways for it to happen.

The spiritual journey and awakening began at age 15 when my mother suddenly died. Months after her death, I would see her driving by in her car as I walked down the streets of my hometown. Or, she would come to me in dreams to let me know she was ok. It wasn’t until more than a decade later at a friend-of-a-friend’s party sitting for a reading with a Medium that she came through from the other side loud and clear.

Within seconds of me sitting down, the reader connected with the spirit of my Mom and relayed that the first thing she wanted me to know was that I needed to forgive myself for saying I hated her 5 days before she died. [Mic drop] No one but me and my mother knew that had happened. I gasped and burst out crying. For the next 45 minutes the reader relayed loving messages that kept hitting the nail on the head. She was with me when I was picking out pictures of roses to hang about my bed because they reminded me of her. She was with my brother, protecting him, when he flipped over his truck without a seat belt on. She was so proud that I was the first in our family to get a college degree. And on and on, detailed, very specific proof points came through.

At the end of the reading, all of the sadness and anger of Mom physically leaving me at a pivotal age lifted, and in its place was a feeling of so much love, joy and awe. Mom had never left my side! In that moment, I thought if I could provide this kind of happiness, relief, peace and reassurance to someone in a similar way, THAT would be the ultimate gift of a lifetime.

Not surprisingly, it took me awhile to digest everything that came through in that reading. It was several years later when I looked around for a spiritual community to learn more about metaphysics. Along the way, I met a kindred spirit – Isabeau Maxwell – a smart, successful business woman AND a well-known Psychic Medium who created an intuitive development program that combines the practical with the mystical and the science behind the spiritual.

Upon completion of the program, I tested out as a Psychic Medium with a very high level of accuracy out of the gate. During practice readings, messages came to me in a variety of ways – many of which I thought everyone experienced:

Claircognizance – Intuitive knowing without any physical explanation or reasoning.

Clairsentience – Intuitive knowing by feeling others emotions and vibrations; empathic sensing.

Clairvoyance – Intuitive vision; being able to “see” even when the physical eyes are closed.

Clairaudience – Intuitive audio or hearing. It’s often like someone else using my voice, occasionally it’s a voice I don’t know, or I hear music as part of the message.

The most profound and startling “Clair” for me is when Clairsentience kicks in (feeling how the person died). For example, I was practicing with a friend of a friend, a young woman who was very nervous. I started tuning in and I heard, “man, brother, 20s, troubled.” And then I felt like the left side of my head exploded. (Gulp!) I felt it was a gunshot wound to the head. Then my left brain jumped in and said maybe it was an aneurysm that had burst. I relayed all of this to the young woman and asked if any of it made sense to her. Through tears she said that her 22-year-old brother had shot himself in the head, committing suicide. Her brother then shared through me that he was sorry he had hurt her, his family and friends by this dramatic end, and that he was ok now, he was a peace, and how much he loved her and all of them. In other readings I have felt a sharp pain in my heart (heart attack), a squeezing of my kidneys (diabetes related-death) and a strange sickly feeling in my stomach (cancer).

How does all this relate to what I do today? Keep an eye out for part two in this series…

Susan Luddy

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