02 September, 2019

A spiritual start - part 2

(My story, part two of many.)

People often ask me to talk about the spiritual experiences I’ve had, wondering which ones were the most profound and life-changing. If you read my last post, A Spiritual Start – Part 1, I’d say that first reading when my Mom came through had the MOST impact on me… But, so did the folks I mentioned I did practice readings for. To me, there have been many, many moments along my path that have imprinted on me. Things that I have experienced when I am alone or sitting with fellow intuitive readers.

Whether you are training for a marathon, rehearsing to give a big presentation or developing your intuition, the key to honing a skill is practice. In the midst of developing my skills, I was working on various exercises daily. These included grounding, clearing and protecting myself, writing and tracking a list of 10 things I’d see in that day, scrying and many more. And most often I was doing this in my bedroom, so that’s where the action kept happening! 😉

Seeing eyes and faces when staring at a blank wall or reflective surfaces became an everyday happening. And then one morning, I was leaning up against the headboard lying in bed while reading through the homework assignment for the week. All of a sudden, I sensed someone else in my room. And then I saw the imprint of a body laying next to me, roll over and get up out of bed. Try to imagine that. You see the indentation of a body in the bed’s memory foam shift and move, as if there was a physical person lying next to you who just rolled up and out of bed. I remember saying OK… if you’re going to be in bed with me the least you could do is tell me your name! (I didn’t get an answer.) I wasn’t afraid, but it left me in a state of amazement for days.

Months passed, and then late one night, I was driving down historic High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts (settled in 1635 or so). It’s almost midnight, and I see two women in bustled Victorian period dresses with parasols strolling down the sidewalk. I did a double take and they were still there, but it was then I realized they were in spirit form.
With these abilities, are you wondering why I, or any other practicing intuitive, would have a psychic reading? One of the reasons is some of us have a hard time believing we are getting an accurate answer to our questions when it’s a topic that is so close/personal to us. For me, I go for a reading mostly to CONFIRM WHAT I ALREADY KNOW AND FEEL. (Yes, I know I’m using ALL CAPS but I’m not shouting at you. I’m getting to a point, I swear!)

Are we pulling from ego, or spirit? How many times do we second guess ourselves even when having one experience after another and, after-the-fact, we say, “I already knew that!” For me, it’s taken years to trust, believe and act on what I knew all along to be true. Which brings me back to the end of my last blog. What does this have to do with what I’m doing today?

After completing about 20 practice readings with friends, friends-of-friends and classmates, my ego piped up saying to me, “Why are you doing this? Are you really going to spend the rest of your life doing readings in a room? It’s much easier to stay safe in your corporate PR and marketing job.” At that time in my life, that’s all I needed to “hear” and I stopped practicing. But I did continue to leave the door open to the metaphysical world by going to gatherings with like-minded people, attending workshops and reading books, especially on the topic of Law of Attraction.

After 6 years of studying and going to a Meetup group on this topic, I found myself seeking more spiritual support. I knew I wouldn’t find what I was seeking at the church of my youth but wasn’t sure of where to look. Little did I know the Law of Attraction interest would lead me to re-embrace and deepen my spiritual roots. It also led me to another place of support.

Stay tuned for more on this in a future blog.

Susan Luddy

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